Sinh Tran Suspends Campaign;
Endorses Nilu Jenks For City Council

Jenks and Tran Collaborate On Public Safety Plan For Seattle District 5

Despite collecting the most Democracy Vouchers in District Five, Sinh Tran announced today he is suspending his campaign to endorse Nilu Jenks for Seattle City Council.

Statement from Sinh Tran: I decided to run for City Council because I have been deeply troubled by the increase in homelessness, crime, drug addiction, and mental health issues in North Seattle. I felt that the city had fallen behind and lost urgency on these critical issues. I stepped up to ensure these issues received the attention they deserved and to bring people together to get results.

Throughout my campaign, I had the opportunity to connect with Nilu Jenks, a community activist and Mom who lives near Lake City. After reviewing her policies and having meaningful discussions, I found her to be a strong leader, a good listener, and someone who can genuinely make a difference in our community. She understands the complexity of these issues and is committed to working concurrently on neighborhood safety, reducing racial bias and excessive force issues with our police, and supporting common-sense gun safety reform.

Although Seattle voters have approved ranked-choice voting, it will not be implemented in this primary. I am concerned about the potential spoiler effect my continued candidacy could have on the outcome. In light of this, and considering my family obligations, I have decided to suspend my campaign and wholeheartedly endorse Nilu Jenks for Seattle City Council Position 5.

While my journey in this race has come to an end, I remain committed to serving the community and look forward to exploring future opportunities for public service. For now, I am excited about Nilu's candidacy and plan to help in any way I can to get her elected. Please take some time to read her platform and policies and join me in supporting Nilu Jenks for Seattle City Council. Together, we can make a difference for North Seattle and our city as a whole.

“Neighborhoods across Seattle have become increasingly unsafe. We need to improve first response times, invest in community-led safety initiatives, rapidly increase shelter options for our unhoused neighbors, add more community resource officers, and reduce the number of firearms on our streets. We must demand more accountability from the city government on public safety,” said Nilu Jenks.

Today, the Jenks campaign released the collaborative public safety plan proposed by Jenks and Tran. This plan can be read at: www.neighborsfornilu.org. The plan includes policy proposals on improving response times, looking at alternative response models, addressing structural issues that contribute to criminal behavior, mental health, and drug addiction issues, addressing excessive force and racial bias in law enforcement, increasing community policing, and reducing homelessness.

Tran's campaign website is archived at archive.cmonseattle.vote.